Kevin M. Wilson


Compositions & Music

Music for Heraclitus (2010)

The Pin (2010)

  • pieces for computer (Max/MSP/Jitter)

The Lights (2009)

Mountain Song (2009)

Rain (2008)

Wine (2008)

Series Revolver (2008)

  • pieces for computer (Max/MSP/Jitter)

One Line (2008)

  • for four instrumentalists, extended study in strict isorhythm over a developing color

Concrete Vision (2008) *

  • for computer and midi keyboard, MAX/MSP/Jitter, debuted 10/21/08 Pixilerations Festival (Providence, RI)

Spring Variations (2008) *

  • for two pianos, one harpsichord, and one acoustic guitar

Material Variations (2008)*

  • for computer and midi keyboard, utilizes string synthesis technology and alternative controller design

Phase Politics (2008)

  • for computer

Strange Difference (2008)
Velocity (2008)
Perfect Fall (2008)
New Piece (2008)

  • a series of pieces composed for solo piano

Crowley’s Variation (2008) *

  • for unspecified instrumentation, performed on two occasions by Brown University’s MEME (Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments) Ensemble

We Are What We Cast Aside (2007) *, collaboration with Clarice Laverne Thompson

  • coordinated drumming, computer music, dance, and projection piece

Cascades (2007)*

  • for midi keyboard and MAX/MSP, features live manipulation and harmonization of sampled sounds and utilizes in its second part string synthesis technology

Piece for Two Acoustic Guitars, Keyboard, and Computer (2006)*

  • electroacoustic piece utilizing live digital signal processing and analysis with MAX/MSP, collaboration with Kane McGuire

Puppet Funeral (2005)*

  • production piece experimenting with clouds of sounds that undergo fractal-type expansion

Hammer Studies (2005)

  • for synthesizer, violin, cello, two trumpets and distorted bass guitar

Music from the Puppet Show ‘Tod and I’ (2005, 2008)

In Colors of Blue (2004)
Rising (2004)*
Midnight All is Well (2004)
Fugue (final) (2004)*
Reflections (2004)

Algorithmic electronic works utilizing isorhythmic, fugal, and soggetto cavato techniques created for the scoring of Tod and I, a live multimedia puppet show performed in 2005 in Providence and again in 2008 in New York and Philadelphia